Rabidts is a soon to be completed film project started in 2019, filmed in 2020 and set to be released in late 2023. The focus of this film was to get young local filmmakers and former students involved in a creative project shooting a no-budget feature film.



Conceptually the idea evolved from the idea of an Easter monster movie. Originally the ideas started with a larger monster, but when the logistics of this proved too much for a project of this scale, the concept was rolled back to using hand puppets. The conceptal end of the project was largely influenced by the 1980's monster movies Critters and The Thing.


The design for the Rabidts puppets were developed over the course of about a week. Considering there was next to no budget for this project they had to be made as cheaply as possible. The inner workings are largely made of cardboard, masking tape, hot glue, and hospital towels. 

Principal Photography

Principal photography took places over the Spring and Summer of 2020, during the Covid Pandemic. This greatly complicated the project as we worked to maintain social distancing, and much of the script had to be rewritten to accomidate these new challenges.